There are many types of acupuncture across the globe. My training is grounded in the Chinese Medical system. We use hair-thin needles, inserting them into the skin on various points on the body. In Chinese medicine acupuncture there are more than 700 points all over the body that correspond to the organ systems within. Stimulating these points with the use of needles elicits a response from the feedback systems of the body including the nervous, endocrine, immune, digestive, and hormonal systems.

Acupuncture has been shown to support conditions ranging from migraines, stress, and insomnia, to chronic inflammatory diseases, digestive disorders, depression, and more.

All needles are either stainless steel or gold, are sterile, and are for one-time use only.

Consultations & Treatments

initial consultation         60-90 MINUTES  $105

FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT         45-60 minutes   $89


What to expect

In arriving for your appointment you will enter the treatment room and be met by your practitioner. If it is your first appointment the consultation process will take approximately 30 minutes. All aspects of your health, including details about your sleep, digestion, energy, and your mental, physical, and dietary habits will be discussed.

Your tongue and pulse serve as a representation of your internal organ health and will be observed as part of the diagnostic process.

Acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese massage techniques), and moxibustion (heat therapy), may be used for the remaining 20-30 minute appointment, to influence your physiology for optimal wellness.

Herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle shifts may be recommended as part of an ongoing holistic health program.