Nutrition + Exercise + Meditation For The Seasons


The basics. It's easy to get caught up in all the fads in the health world. Don't eat butter, it'll kill you; wait, eat butter, it's good for you! Cardio for fat loss, essential fatty acids for depression - and haven't you heard? Kale and coconut oil solve everything! It seems health information has a rapid turnover rate and trying to keep up becomes confusing, contradicting, and exhausting. Why can't they just figure it out?

Because the information doesn't take into account individual constitution, environmental influences, and lifestyle habits. Blanket nutrition or health statements are often only true, relative to other pieces of the picture - pieces that aren't talked about or really understood. True health means taking a more holistic approach.

Chinese medicine has it's roots in Taoism - oneness in the world. This system understands that your health - physically/mentally/emotionally - cannot be separated from the world around you. Your strength, vitality, and wellness are a result of inner and outer harmony; on living the Tao. A major piece of the health picture is understanding your own inner balance and knowing how to respond to your environment. This online 4 part series will teach you how to do just that. Each series corresponds to a season - Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. 

Nutrition, herbs, exercise, and mind training techniques that correspond to each season are taught so you can tune in, tone up, and live in health & harmony.

Who is this series for? 

YOU! Yes, you.

If you desire to have any influence over your body & mind, if you care about your health & happiness, if you have knowledge on nutrition, exercise, and health practices yet, still feel disconnected, fatigued, and unsure of how to tweak your daily regime, this is for you. 

If you are a health care worker, a parent, a yoga or fitness instructor, you will find mantras, tips & tricks to help yourself, your clients or your family members to connect to greater health.

If you currently lack a health routine, this will also serve as a great place to start!

This easy to follow program will lay out the basics of nutrition, energetics of food & herbs, yoga & movement, and ways to tune into each season to understand how to adapt!



• increasing your body-mind awareness

• techniques for tuning into the energy of the season to increase health & harmony

• meal planning, herbal use, & cooking techniques for each season

• yoga & movement practices to tune in & tone-up the body in congruence with the flow of life

• emotional fitness & meditation exercises for stress reduction, freedom from emotional stories, & clarity of heart-mind


INCLUDED per season series

6 Videos : 

  • Introduction to TCM
  • Understanding your constitution
  • Tuning into the season
  • Nutrition + Herbs
  • Meditations & Mantras
  • 3 Yoga & Movement Series for physical & mental strength & harmony

3 Printables:

  • Nutrition & Herb lists
  • 10 recipes
  • Meditations & Mantras


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